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Hannah Brown

I am self-employed with only two years of financial accounts from my business. For that reason I wasn’t eligible for a Bank mortgage. Evoke arranged a bridging mortgage for twelve months until I had three years of company accounts and then worked with brokers to ensure that a bank re-mortgage was obtained in the longer term. The process was simple, easy to understand and finalised quickly. They understood my situation and tailored a mortgage solution that suited me perfectly.

J. Barnes

Hannah Brown

Evoke facilitated a bridging mortgage for us in order to downsize our home. We borrowed the funds to purchase a smaller property and repaid the temporary mortgage once our house had sold. Having the temporary mortgage enabled us to purchase the property that we wanted and our age wasn’t an issue.

H. Harper

Glen Maye
Hannah Brown

We have used Evoke for various property development projects. They are easy to deal with and flexible with their mortgage products, always working to fit our requirements for funding to suit us. We tend to plan staged draw-down in line with development costs, the solution they provide works very well and is essential to our business growth.

M. Anderson


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How Does It Work

We have a process that can make things as fluid as possible for everyone

1. Discuss your requirements

Talk to us about your plans, we don't charge for our time.

2. Planning & Strategy

We'll discuss the concept of bridging mortgage products and determine if our products suit your requriements

3. Assessment

We conduct an assessment based on income and expenditure and security value in order to obtain an agreement in principle

4. Implemetation

We work with your advocate to complete the mortgage. Mortgages can take between 1-6 weeks dependant on the ownership status of property


Short-term mortgages to bridge the gap in various circumstances. If you have equity in your home a short-term bridging mortgage can be used to help you move up the property ladder, consolidate external debts or release capital. Typical agreements are for a term of 6 to 12 months.


Bridging mortgages are available for small, medium and large local property developers. Repayments are made on an interest-only basis for the period of the mortgage and capital is repaid upon sale of the asset that is being developed.


All mortgages are secured on property to a maximum of 65% Loan to Value.



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Evoke was incorporated in the Isle of Man in 2014 and is the longest established private, residential, bridging mortgage company on the Island. We recognised the requirement for an alternative mortgage finance solution having worked in the Island’s Banking sector previously.

The Idea

Helping the Island’s residents with over £10,000,000 of mortgages provided in the last three years has been the highlight of my career to date. The company was formed with the intention of helping local residents in various situations where the traditional borrowing methods may not have been available.

We wanted to develop a product for local residents which has traditionally only been available to high net worth individuals or companies. Residential bridging has proven popular as an alternative borrowing method in various situations with our clients.

Who We Work With

We work with highly regarded lawyers, accountants, mortgage advisors and private banks to ensure that the product that we are providing is suitable for the borrower and the lender. We feel a great sense of pride being the first registered private mortgage lender with the FSA under the DNFBP act and hope to continue to develop new and innovative lending solutions to Isle of Man consumers

We can broker more conventional, long term mortgages using private banks for longer term solutions. For customers who require a re-mortgage after a short bridging mortgage, we also work with Financial Options who work with the High Street Banks to ensure that a complete solution is reached not just a short-term fix.